KAF Group was born in May 2016 in Kuwait with an idea to introduce innovative products and services to the Kuwaiti Market and GCC. Established in honor to our father, KAF Group is one hundred percent family-owned.

Established in honor to our father. KAF Group is one hundred percent family-owned. This situation has always determined our corporate culture and will continue to provide a firm foundation for our success.

Our Core Values

Being a family-owned business has always been a key factor that determines our corporate culture and core values. We believe in treating our customers as family, with trust and respect. We believe that the only way to achieve success and growth in today’s fiercely competitive environment is through innovation, quality, and integrity.

Our Mission

Our mission starts with converting our vision into a set of strategic goals and objectives, and allocate all the resources required to achieve them. This includes:

  • Constant cooperation with our partners and suppliers worldwide with the aim to introduce new, innovative and viable products and services to the Kuwaiti Market and GCC.
  • Adopting products and services that utilize modern and advanced technology.
  • Building a loyal customer base and maintaining long term relationship with them.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and providing premium customer service.

Our Vision

Our vision is to introduce new products and services to the region that are utterly unique, inventive, efficient and high in quality. We aspire to exceed the expectations of our customers in every department, and to be viewed by them as a source of out-of-the-box products and services that conveniently fulfill their needs.

Our Product line


Nanotechnology is one of today’s most innovative fields of study, and one of the amazing creations of Nanotechnology is Nano protection.

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Eya Clean Pro

Eya Clean Pro is a natural, odorless, and antibacterial cleaner that can be used for multiple purposes.

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Poo-Pourri is a revolutionary toilet spray made with natural essential oils.

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Subsidiary Companies

Sterling General Trading & Contracting Co W.L.L

Sterling General Trading & Contracting Co W.L.L, is a renowned contracting firm that was established in 1999. Since its establishment, the company has been involved in numerous high-profile construction projects all across Kuwait, from highways to residential and commercial buildings. The company is also one of the most prestigious construction suppliers in the country providing construction logistics, materials and handling. Sterling General Trading & Contracting are serious about their mission in every possible way, which is: “To attain high levels of customer satisfaction through a profitable product mix and superior quality of service”.

Noor Asia General Trading & Contracting Co W.L.L

Noor Asia General Trading & Contracting Co W.L.L is one of the leading food importers in Kuwait. It was established in 2008, and began its journey by importing rice, frozen foods, and many more consumable products. The company is also the official distributer of “Nestle pure life” water in Kuwait. The company is constantly working with many partners to extend their arm across the region with an aim of providing quality food products for the UAE and others.

Gulf Renewable Energy Company W.L.L

KAF Group established the Gulf Renewable Energy Company W.L.L in 2013 to cater to the country’s needs for renewable energy. With sunlight being one of the region’s greatest resource, the company provides the most advanced and reliable solar power solutions available in the world today. Due to the engineering and manufacturing expertise and project execution capabilities, the solutions that the company offer are very practical and not too difficult to implement and execute. With renewable energy considered as the most cost efficient, safe and environment-friendly energy source, the company vision is to see a much greener country where renewable resources are utilized in order to protect the future of the region.

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